Vetiver Oil

Vetiver is an essential oil that is also referred to as ‘The Oil of Tranquility’. Extracted from the vetiver plant, it is also commonly known as ‘khus oil’. Belonging to the same family of grasses lemongrass and citronella come from, Vetiver has a distinctive earthy and soothing smell.

Owing to a myriad of medicinal properties, Vetiver oil is commonly used in aromatherapy. Inhaling Vetiver oil improves alertness and mental fatigue.

More benefits and applications

  • Works wonders to cure anxiety, depression, insomnia, and concentration problems.
  • Being a natural anti-oxidant it helps relieve inflammation.
  • It is also used in massages to ease aches & joint pains, and boost metabolism.
  • Owing to its anti-aging properties, it is also highly beneficial to the skin.
  • Used in making cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Used in foods and drinks.
  • In Ayurveda, vetiver has been mentioned as an anti-septic & cooling oil with detoxifying properties.

Being a premier vetiver essential oil manufacturer and exporter in India, we manufacture 100% organic vetiver essential oil that empowers you with its natural properties.

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