Mahua Flower

Mahua longifolia is the botanical name for mahua- a seasonal flowering tree. This tree grows in almost every state of India, except for extreme northern states. The Mahua flower is a beautiful yellow flower that spread around the tree. Also called butternut, moah, mowra butter tree, and moatree; It is known for its medicinal and nutritional properties which are a boon for the pharmacy, liquor, and food industry worldwide.

Mahua is majorly used in making liquor; however, that’s not the only use of it. The mahua fruit is considered a natural sweetener.

Mahua finds frequent mentions in Vedas. Speculation suggests that what’s referred to as Soma in Vedas is actually mahua. According to ‘Sushruta Samhita’ penned by Sushruta, those who drink ‘sweet soma’ do not age and remain unaffected by fire, poison, and even weapon attacks.

Charaka’s medicinal book, ‘Charaka Samhita’ says that a properly regulated amount of mahua, blended in the right proportion is capable of balancing out doshas. Charaka Samhita which is the oldest surviving text in Ayurveda also warns about the precautions one must exercise before consuming the drink owing to its alcoholic properties.

Bexport Hub strives to create immense opportunities for the tribals, farmers, and rural populace of India, by using the potential of mahua flower which is highly instrumental in the physical, mental, and economic upliftment of society.

Benefits, uses & applications

According to the book Indigenous Herbal Medicines: Tribal Formulations & Traditional Herbal,

  • Mahua flowers can cure debility and impotency if consumed with milk.
  • Mahua flower juice, when used as nasal drop cures eye diseases and headaches.
  • Fried with ghee, mahua flowers can cure piles as mahua is a cooling agent.
  • Majorly used to make alcohol.
  • Used to make soaps and detergents.
  • Mahua seeds are used for extracting oil.

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